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My name is Catalina Zepeda

I’m a Virginia-based user-generated content [UGC] creator, but willing to travel far and wide to capture the story words just can’t string together.

I’m 27 years old from the D[C], M[aryland], V[irginia], but citizen of the world. My passion for connecting people through my lens brings me to life, but capturing the vision locked in their dreams is what electrifies the energy in my work. So much about what I love is centered around collaborative pieces. This might mean working angles, lighting, and lens to capture the perfect piece. Works from all around inspire me, but it’s my own twist that brings my eye for seizing the moment to encapsulate images that demand attention.


Highlight social proof

  • Social proof is the validation customers provide to the brand about the trust, authenticity, reliability of their products & activities. Having social proof is extremely important in this digital age as it influences consumers’ purchase decisions.

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Humanized Approach

  • The humanized approach means adding emotional and relationship-building elements to your marketing. With basic brand marketing, it isn’t quite possible to convey the emotions that connect consumers with brands.
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Unlimited Flow of Content

  • Creating marketing campaigns is not a one-off event; it is a constant process with a continuous need for trendy authentic content for the campaigns.With user-generated content, you get an unlimited flow of content created continuously by the users. So, it removes the hassle of making investments in constant content creation.

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Catalina Zepeda


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